Thanks to the research of the marine biologist and internationally renowned toxicologist of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research for Polar and Marine Research AWI, Prof. Dr. Angela Köhler, premium caviar can now be obtained from mature sturgeon eggs. The sturgeons suffer no damage and produce caviar of increasing quality in taste, egg size and quantity per harvest.
The AWI has patented the processes worldwide in all relevant nations.


The turning point for Angela Köhler came, when she went to the Caspian Sea as part of her research into understanding the threat to sturgeons there from pollution. During a demonstration of caviar production in front of 150 conference guests, caviar masters brought out a two-metre female sturgeon, beat the fish on the head to death before cutting its belly open. “The masters suddenly became extremely nervous,” she recalls. “They went on to say that the eggs were too close to spawning and so they couldn’t use them as caviar. They discarded the entire fish and began the process again with a new one.” Back to her research laboratories at the AWI, she started a series of experiments with mature eggs harvested from various live aquatic animals. In Angela ́s innovative process, signalling molecules in very small natural concentrations activate a machinery of enzymes within the eggs that stabilize the egg envelope in milliseconds without changing the inside.

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