After extensive research, AWI is now out-licensing new patented methods for sustainable caviar production from live sturgeon. These new methods are applicable to all relevant species of fish and crustaceans and are patented in the relevant countries, worldwide.


License requests can be directed to

AWI Technology Transfer
phone: +49 471 4831 1517

Consultancy & Training for licensees is provided by the
by the inventor Dr. Angela Köhler
Dr. Alexander Ziegler, managing directors
Phone: +49 1704755548; +49 1724240371

Consultancy for the preparation of various sturgeon species
for egg maturation and harvest from live sturgeon is provided by
Dr. Peter Steinbach, or
by phone +49 1726871148

The training for our licensees

In general the training of our licensee is conducted at their caviar production on site of their sturgeon farms.

Training in Germany

Thanks to the partnership with Peter Groß, manager and owner of the sturgeon farms , at Rhönforelle family business with tradition since 1882, AKAZIE is able to offer AWI licensees a practical training from the harvesting of the eggs, the application of the AWI method up to the product maturation, quality control and packaging. The on-site caviar lab has all the special equipment necessary for the uncomplicated application of the AWI method for high-yield production. The team is known for its expertise in sturgeon propagation and the production and worldwide distribution of fertilized sturgeon eggs, fingerlings, and juveniles of Acipenser baerii, A, gueldenstaedtii, and Huso huso, the beluga sturgeon, as well as fingerlings of various species. The aquaculture facility is located near the Frankfurt airport in the charming surroundings of the Fulda spring in the hilly landscape of the Rhön. This vacation area offers nice small hotels and opportunity for hiking, climbing, skiing and gliding (the famous Wasserkuppe).

How can licensees protect themselves against patent infringements?

Caviar producers are constantly asking themselves how they can ensure that competitors do not use the AWI process. An infringement of the patents and thus of your license can be easily proven by rapid laboratory tests of the caviar grains. These tests are established in every histology laboratory in the world. These tests offer a high level of protection for our licensees.