Congratulations to our Swedish licensee AROS

Caviar Nobel Prize Banquet December 2023

On Sunday, December 10, 2023, 7 p.m., the menu for this year’s Nobel Prize Banquet was announced in Stockholm. One of Sweden’s best star chefs, Jacob Holmström, and his colleagues have been busy for weeks designing the menu for the prestigious dinner – it remains a secret until the ceremony begins. Swedish products are in the focus for the menu. This is one of the reasons why caviar has never been served before, although an excellent luxury product would perfectly suit to the exclusive nature of the event.

The main reason not to use caviar, however, is that the preparation of more than 1300 plates for the Banquet guests takes so many hours that conventional caviar would not withstand the procedure. Conventional caviar would melt as well as the crushed ice, necessary for its freshness and texture of traditionally produced caviar.

This year, things are different: The invention of a marine biologist from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Germany allows sturgeon farmers to produce premium caviar so that even the last guest can enjoy the luxury like the first guest.

The Swedish company AROS (Arctic Roe of Scandinavia) has acquired a license from the AWI to use her invention and Star chef Jacob Holmström has selected this caviar for the Nobel Prize Banquet.

And the best news last – the sturgeons remain alive for this process of caviar production.