CLASSY CAVIAR is outstanding by:

  • beautiful appearance thanks to its golden sheen and color
  • uniform grain size and round shape of the eggs
  • fresh taste and marine scent
  • pearly texture – (CLASSY CAVIAR Perl)

…for spontaneous enjoyment and individual
indulgence. Is there any more luxury than always having
caviar of the highest quality in your home at all times?

CLASSY CAVIAR is modern – with comfort, environmental awareness and transparency.

We only pack in glass. The customer can see what he is buying.
The caviar contains no preservatives, no pasteurization.
It is only lightly salted only lightly salted, malossol 3.2-3.8% for preservation and taste.

Decide for yourself and spontaneously when the perfect
moment for your enjoyment alone or with friends
has come.

For every occasion – whether an intimate dinner, buffet
or glamorous events with hundreds of guests.

CLASSY CAVIAR is always the right choice.


CLASSY CAVIAR unfolds its full aroma – whether on a mother-of-pearl spoon or in warm creations.
The healthy, valuable ingredients are preserved
and oils and amino acids as taste carriers.
Flavor carriers contribute to the depth of taste.
The caviar can be stored unopened in the refrigerator at +7 °C
several weeks or at -18 °C for up to 1 year in the freezer compartment.

No more long orders and waiting times.

A quick trip to the freezer and at +7 °C in the fridge thawed and CLASSY CAVIAR unfolds its delicate appearance, texture and aromas and retains them for preserves them for hours.